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About Us
About Us

Dear customers,

We are happy to present to you the product we are proud of.

Quality features from environmentally friendly production as well as absolute naturalness are the criteria we have paid attention to, developing our product.

Old recipes from farmers on the Mediterranean coast are the base for our creamed honey. These recipes motivated us to develop the whole creamed honey technology on an industrial scale for the general consumer.

Our creamed honey is made exclusively from natural products. We do not use any preservatives, colorings, or flavorings.

Algess Group AG is an exclusive manufacturer representative of Mezes Kert Ltd. in Europe, which was founded in Switzerland in 2007.


Our product range currently includes 24 varieties, which have been carefully selected using a perfectly balanced combination of fruit, nut, and acacia flavors of honey as a criterion.

We offer creamed honey with an organic certificate. All our products are packaged in glasses from 30 to 245 ml.

We offer you the opportunity to adapt our products according to your needs: customization of the dosage, label, and even product name is available.

The main manufacturing plant is located in Hungary and has all the necessary modern equipment.

During the production process, all raw materials are thoroughly checked for quality and constantly monitored at all stages of production.

Why you should choose our product…

Creamed honey is one of many desserts of the spread product group. Our product consists of 100% natural honey, with an option to add either natural berries or nuts or fruits at a ratio of at least 7%.  It has pure taste, soft and delicate consistency, is plastic, smears perfectly on bread. Also try our favorite combination – creamed honey on a piece of your favorite cheese!

Aroma di Estasi products are healthier than any other pastes and can be used in the confectionery industry. Convenient and attractive packaging as well as flexible prices are also our advantages. All our products are IFS certified.

You can find our products in McDonalds restaurants as well as in Auchan retail in Hungary. We have tried very hard to develop a product that pleases every consumer. We would be happy to send you some jars as a test batch. We bring the best traditions and recipes to your country, constantly improve our products as well as develop new ones.

We believe that our creamed honey can strengthen the immune system of our consumers!

Stay healthy and Bon Appétit!

About Us

Yours sincerely,
Gennady Boyko
Managing Director
Algess Group AG

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