Creamed Honey with ginger

Creamed Honey with ginger

Creamed Honey with ginger



natural polyflora honey, ginger


jar with twist off lid

Glass pot:

200 ml

Net weight:

250 g

After whisking natural honey using the special technology, it obtains completely new features – nothing like anything the market can offer.

Creamed honey with addition of lyophilised fruits saves all the flavour and the nutritional value.
The mix of honey’s sweetness and saturated flavour of the lyophilised fruits is a unique sight and flavour experience. Thanking to its cream texture you can easily make a delicious dessert, healthy snack, or add new twists to old dishes!

Creamed honey can be smeared onto the bread or waffles, and thanking to it your homemade pancakes will become a truly exquisite dessert. Light, creamy honey will enrich and diverse the taste of yoghurt, kefir, cottage cheese and even porridge, which, when mixed with honey, will deliver a rapid bump of energy to sportsmen, children, students and pupils.

Creamed Honey with ginger
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