Hungarian honey with propolis

Hungarian honey with propolis

Hungarian honey with propolis



acacia honey, propolis


jar with twist off lid

Net weight:

250 g

Acacia honey has a pleasant taste and delicate aroma. It’s one of the best varieties of honey. It doesn’t crystallize for long due to fructose in it, which is most easily digestible. It works as a sedative for nervous diseases, and is irreplaceable in nutrition of people with diabetes and children. It does not cause allergies. It’s used in treatment of eye diseases.

Honey with propolis is especially valuable for people who want to boost their immune system and maintain a youthful body.

Propolis contains proteins, esters, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and many other compounds such as flavonoids: kaempferol, rhamnazin, acacetin, and isorhamnetin. It’s also rich with organic acids (benzoic, caffeic, cinnamic), which have antibacterial capabilities. Furthermore, propolis has anti-inflammatory properties because of tannins.

Hungarian honey with propolis
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