Our products - natural mixes of dried fruits and nuts soaked in natural honey.

The product refers to Desserts. In the composition of 100% natural honey and natural berries or nuts or fruits in a ratio of at least 7%.

Our cream honey, we will make according to old recipes of the farmers of the Mediterranean coast. We have developed the technology of making honey cream on an industrial scale for the wide consumer. Our honey cream is made only from natural products. We do not use preservatives, dyes and flavors. The product has a soft and delicate consistency, is plastic, lubricates perfectly on bread. Tasty and better for health than competing peanut pastes such as Nutella, etc. can act as an independent product in the confectionery industry. Comfortable and beautiful packaging and competitive prices are also our advantages.

There is an IFS certificate. Our production is certified. In addition, our products are also certified. We have been suppliers of our products for more than 7 years in all Restaurants McDonalds (Hungary) and Aschan (network of Hungary).

We heartily invite you to give it a try and find your favorite taste of Europe!

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